COSTA MESA ( — Parking lots can be danger zones during the holiday season and a new study is putting drivers on the naughty list.

That’s because three out of four Americans park incorrectly, according to AAA.

“They pull into a parking space rather than back into it,” said Jeffrey Spring, a AAA spokesman.

The study tested multiple rear cross-traffic alert systems and found that many failed to detect passing vehicles 30 percent of the time; motorcycles 48 percent of the time; and pedestrians 60 percent of the time.

“It’s something that should be in everybody’s mind,” said David Campos, who admits that rear-view cameras can be helpful.

But, he says, they should not be the only thing drivers depend on.

“Being a parent, I see a lot of kids running around, especially in parking lots, so that’s my main concern right now,” Campos said.

Research shows that one out of five crashes happen in parking lots.

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