By Iris Salem

WESTMINSTER ( — An Orange County mother captured a very memorable photograph of her baby boy meeting Santa Claus for the first time over the weekend.

Danielle Thompson of Stanton told that she had taken her 6-month-old son named River to the Westminster Mall to see Santa.

But while they waited in a 20-minute line Sunday, Thompson said River fell asleep with just two people ahead of them.

“When we got up to Santa, I asked Santa if he could just hold him. [Santa] said ‘Wait, I have an idea,’ ” she said.

Santa ended up posing with River while laying on a green sofa.

Thompson said after they had taken the photographs, River woke up.

“He just looked at him like he was a little confused,” she said. “He didn’t cry.”

Thompson says she’ll likely take River to snap a photo with Santa again next year, explaining: “I think this photo takes the cake for another we would get.”


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