ANAHEIM ( — Preparations were underway Wednesday night ahead of a massive holiday meal that’s expected to serve those in need in Orange County.

The 29th annual “We Give Thanks” dinner was expected to serve thousands of people on Thursday at the Honda Center.

Volunteers of the operation came from all over and some were expected to return at 4 a.m.

Every year, Frank Garcia, the founder of “We Give Thanks,” says he says it could be his last to host the dinner.

But then he says after seeing the volunteers dancing and laughing, he is reminded of why he’s almost on his third decade of serving.

“Once I go there and see all the people there and knows me and hug me, people crying and everything, [and telling me] ‘please don’t every stop doing this’ and all of a sudden it’s another year going,” he said.

Up to 800 turkeys are expected to be served during the dinner, along with 3,000 pounds of potatoes and 2,000 pounds of onions.


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