NORTH HOLLYWOOD ( —  Forget Black Friday. The hunt for holiday bargains kicks off on Thanksgiving as more retailers are opening on the holiday  and even earlier now.

At Kmart, cash registers will ring bright and early Thanksgiving morning at 6 a.m.

Some customers in North Hollywood are excited to get a jump on Black Friday deals. “Dinner first, then we go shopping,” Joe Pena said.

Others prefer to stay home. “Fighting for a TV? No, I’m not going to stay up all night,” Rosa Zepeda said.

Kenya Aguirre said: “I’ll probably go like on Black Friday, but family comes first.”

Despite protests by employees and some customers against retailers opening on Thanksgiving, stores continue to do so and seem to be opening even earlier.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Mark Navarro has been camping outside of Best Buy on Tuesday. “We actually lined up last year. We got a couple TV’s for our house,” he said. “It’s pretty fun. It’s become a tradition I guess. I get to bond with my brother, who I don’t get to hang out with anymore.”

But not even the allure of extra sales can tempt some retailers. Nordstrom, Crate & Barrel and Costco will honor the holiday and close on Thanksgiving – something employees and some customers appreciate.

“We feel like we should just be at home with our families,” Vanessa Valencia said.

Even so, Kmart management insists most of its customers appreciate its stores opening on Thanksgiving. And they have done so nationwide for the past 23 years.

Many stores that are open on Thanksgiving will remain open through black Friday.


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