STUDIO CITY ( – A motorcyclist recorded himself on a helmet camera vandalizing other moving vehicles on a Southern California freeway.

The biker then posted on YouTube the footage of himself punching the side mirrors of other cars while riding on his motorcycle.

“I just couldn’t believe that somebody could be that violent afterwards and then damage the car,” said one of the victims of the road rage.

The driver said he was still in shock over what happened. He said he was driving on Interstate 10 with his wife and parents when a motorcyclist got upset, thinking he had cut him off.

The video shows the motorcyclist giving the driver a hand gesture. Then he slowed down to wait for the driver to pass by before punching the mirror and speeding off.

“The mirror swiveled back and snapped back and hit the car really loud. It startled everybody in the car,” said the driver.

He said he had his turn signal on before moving over into another lane and didn’t think he cut the motorcyclist off.

“It was just a radical move. By the time we got to where we were going we were going: Oh, my gosh! I hope karma is going to probably get this guy.”

Two videos have been posted to YouTube. The most recent incident happened Sunday with a different driver involved. This time, the video was put in slow motion to show the damage done.

CBSLA tried to reach out to the person who posted the videos on YouTube. But no one responded.

The driver said it cost him $300 to replace his mirror. He said he did not file a police report because he did not get the motorcycle’s license plate number.

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  1. Joe King says:

    This just happened to my wife last week. Didn’t change lanes, or cut anyone off. Just driving slow in extremely heavy traffic caused by all the construction in the I5 south from LA to Orange County.This is getting ridiculous. Now it’s going to cost me $300? I say ban all motorcycles (except police) from the roads! They have become too dangerous and are irresponsible.They put too many innocent drivers in danger.

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