LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Singing and holding candles, family and friends of Joseph Gatto walked the street believed to be his killer’s escape route.

It was two years ago Thursday when police say the 78-year old Gatto, father of state Assemblyman Mike Gatto, came face-to-face with his killer in his own home.

However, even two years later, the loss does not get much easier for Gatto’s family.

“I think it’s wonderful that so many people showed up to help mark my father’s legacy,” Mike Gatto said.

“But we still yearn for justice. We want someone to be brought to justice to answer for this crime,” he added.

Police say the retired LAUSD art teacher was shot when he confronted the burglar inside his home in Silver Lake in November 2013.

Here is the sketch of a person of interest in the killing.


Detectives believe there could be witnesses out there, and a $50,000 reward is on the table for anyone who can help catch the killer.

“We’re still in a desperate search for my father’s killer. It won’t bring my father back, but it will get a very dangerous person off the streets,” said Marianna Gatto, the victim’s daughter.

Gatto’s daughter found her father after the attack, and they were supposed to have their weekly dinner that night.

The family fears the killer is out of the area, but they won’t give up until they find justice.


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