STUDIO CITY ( — Have you ever wished you could skip through long lines and have a double-double with cheese delivered right to your door?

That’s where a food delivery service app called DoorDash comes in.

It allows consumers to place an order at In-N-Out Burger and many other restaurants. For a fee, a driver will pick up the order and deliver it.

“If they can do that, count me in,” said one woman.

But In-N-Out Burger says it’s not a good idea at all.

In fact, the fast-food chain is suing DoorDash over concerns the delivery service could affect the freshness of its product.

“It’s totally different fresh. I don’t know how to explain it but it tastes real good so I understand where they’re coming from. They don’t want anyone tampering with it because at the end of the day they’re held accountable. So if these people are messing with their product, I’ll be upset too,” Akbar Abdul-Ahad, a customer, said.

But other customers say the delivery service should be allowed.

“I think it would be fine to deliver,” said Nancy Wender, another customer. “I’m actually taking it to-go for my grandchildren.”

DoorDash did not respond to a request for comment from CBS2 News.

In-N-Out Burger provided the station with the following written statement:

“We have asked DoorDash several times to stop using our trademarks and to stop selling our food,” writes In-N-Out Burger General Counsel Arnie Wensinger.

He goes on to say, “Prior to filing our lawsuit, we tried contacting them several more times, but they never responded to our phone calls or letters.”

As of Wednesday, In-N-Out delivery was still being offered on DoorDash.