ALTADENA ( — Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators found several more human bones Wednesday in an Altadena catch basin near where a femur was found over the weekend.

Authorities have found a humerus, or arm bone, and two vertebrae at the Rubio Wash Debris Basin, along Rubio Canyon Road in Altadena, all believed to be from the same body as a human femur found at another catch basin in the 2800 block of Tanoble Drive.

Coroner’s officials believe the bones found in Altadena are connected to finds back in 2004 or 2005.

There have been at least two other discoveries of human bones at sites in the county recently. A skull was found at 3 p.m. on Halloween by hunters in the Lake Hughes area, while a hand was found at 9 a.m. Sunday by passersby in the La Crescenta area.

The bones found in Lake Hughes and La Crescenta are not believed to be related to the Altadena bones.


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