SANTA MONICA ( — The high temperatures experienced throughout Southern California during Halloween weekend gave way Monday to cold winds, rain, and even snow throughout Los Angeles.

Drizzle and rain were sporadic in areas such as Santa Monica, where wind began to escalate by the evening hours.

“It was so hot yesterday, and the day before,” one resident said. “This completely threw me for a loop.”

Meteorologists say Monday’s rain and wind may mark the end of the summer-like weather felt throughout most of last month, which was concluded as the hottest October on record. Many locals shared their joy at the temperature adjustment.

“I have so many coats that I rarely get to use, so I’m glad that it’s starting to get colder,” Santa Monica resident Alyssa Lazlo said. “It’s been hot for way too long.”

In Big Bear, residents experienced more extreme elements as a result of the storm, including sleet and snow.

Roads became slick for drivers as ice accumulated on the surface, but people’s excitement over the indication of winter appeared to take precedence over such seemingly diminutive drawbacks.

“It’s great up here with the nice, cool weather,” Big Bear resident David Allton said. “It’s starting to rain, sleet, and snow. It’s going to be good.”

Local businesses were particularly enthusiastic over the prospect of winter-like weather, following last year’s revenue losses due to a warm season.

“Comparing this season to the ninety-seven (or) ninety-eight [El Niño] season where we got three-hundred and ten inches,” Mountain High’s John McColly said. “So we’re looking forward to a big winter season.”

In fact, Mountain High says this could be the longest season they’ve seen in years.


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