LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  —  Sheriff’s deputies are chasing a suspect deemed “dangerous” by the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

The chase is going on in the Lennox-Hawthorne area.

Sky9’s Stu Mundel said the man is believed to be “armed and dangerous.”

The suspect has been mostly on side streets and has gone through at least one red light during the pursuit.

The driver got caught up in heavy traffic and put his hazard lights on.

The suspect, being pursued by at least a dozen patrol vehicles,  got off the 105 Freeway in South LA and went on side streets.

After looking like he was coming to a complete stop near Florence Avene, a woman jumped out of the vehicle. The driver again sped up.

Minutes later, under the 110 overpass at W. 67th Street  the driver apparently stopped and police got out of their vehicles gun drawn.

Mundel reported the suspect was taken into custody at gunpoint in South LA.






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