STUDIO CITY ( — Walgreens’ announcement that it will buy rival Rite Aid for $9.41 billion in cash has many people worried about the fate of their favorite Thrifty ice cream.

The outcry is blowing up social media Tuesday amid word that the deal would create a drugstore giant with nearly 18,000 stores around the world.

People took to Twitter to voice their concerns that the purchase could mean Rite Aid’s signature ice cream will go away.

Thrifty ice cream is made in El Monte.

According to Rite Aid’s video on Youtube, the ice cream was first sold in Thrifty drug stores in the 1930’s. More than 60 years later, Rite Aid bought Thrifty, but kept the ice cream, which has been popular and nostalgic for shoppers.

“It’s like that old penny ice cream, or ten-cent ice cream back in the days,” one shopper said.

CBS Los Angeles asked a Walgreens spokesman about the fate of Rite Aid’s signature ice cream. He released a statement in part: “Working together, decisions will be made over time regarding the integration of the two companies.”

So with no definitive answer, shoppers are left questioning how much longer their favorite flavors will be around.

There are other places to buy Thrifty’s ice cream. But the shoppers at Rite Aid in Studio City said they like the convenience of their neighborhood pharmacy.


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  1. Christina Sala says:

    My intro to Thrifty Ice Cream came when my son was stationed at Twentynine Palms. It was a hot Mojave day in 2012 and we needed to stop for camera batteries, at RiteAid. I saw the ice cream concession, and fell head-over-heels for the Cherry Chocolate Chip. Over the next few years I sought out the RiteAid in Oceanside, his next duty station. Every trip we would go from the Coaster train straight to, you guessed it, the Thrifty at RiteAid. I took many hand-packed quarts back to the house. It was an unspokien tradition. He is now in NC, but I hope to have Thrifty again on my next trip to SoCal.

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