REDLANDS (  — A little Redlands girl loves Halloween in a big way and has the internet following to prove it.

CBS2’s Adrianna Weingold met Willow Lee, a 3-year-old who loves to shop in her “market” as well go outside to run and play in the swings.

But in October she almost becomes laser focused on Halloween. She and her mom, Gina Lee, a professional photographer, start a month of dress up.

“She wants to be princesses all the time, so what she really wants to be this year is Elsa or Anna from ‘Frozen,'” says Gina.

Willow might only be 3, but she has more costumes than most adults 10 times her age.

She’s been Siegfried and Roy, Wayne’s World and even Doc from “Back to the Future.”

It all started when she was just a few months old — her mother dressed her up as  a little hot dog on a stick.

Hot Dog On A Stick“When the kids went back to school it was just me and her so I just take pictures of her anyway so I was like, ah, let’s get dressed up,” says Gina.

In the process, Willow has since become an internet sensation, with more than 70,000 followers and a partnership with Netflix.

Gina makes all of the costumes, from the little See’s Candies dress, to the Inspector Gadget hat, she even made a chef’s coat and glasses so Willow could be Red from “Orange is the New Black.”

Red ultimately became a fan favorite as is her Richard Simmons picture —  after all you’re never too young to appreciate a good fitness routine.

Her dad will also get in the picture. Another favorite, him dressed up with a Burt’s Bees beard. Gina says it’s all about having a good time

As long as she’s having fun and as long as she’s happy then that’s where we do it,” she says.

With just a week left for “Dress up Willow Month,”, Gina says they have some big dress up plans already shot and ready to post.

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