SANTA MONICA ( — A commissary located within one of Southern California’s most respected hospitals remains closed Friday due to a cockroach infestation.

On Thursday, St. John’s Health Center — located in the 2100 block of Santa Monica Boulevard — confirmed Los Angeles County health inspectors located at least 10 roaches inside the cafeteria kitchen just this week alone.

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According to a spokeswoman for the hospital, hot weather must have enticed the pests to go inside the building.

Hospital officials released a statement that reads in part: “Providence St. John’s apologizes for the inconvenience to our visitors, physicians and staff. While it’s difficult to control these natural occurrences, [St. John’s] pledges continued diligence in ensuring cleanliness and safety.”

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At this time, the closure has not affected meals for patients being treated at the hospital, which are prepared in another area of the building.

Food for employees has been brought into the hospital from an outside source.

A list of local restaurants has been provided to visitors.

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Authorities plan to re-open the cafeteria on Saturday.