HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — Internet sensation “Glowy Zoey” is back and brighter than ever.

On Thursday night, Zoey Hutain made her big debut, wowing onlookers as a glow-in-the-dark princess.

She drove along the Huntington Beach pier in her lit-up toy car, practicing for Halloween night with one thing on her mind: trick-or-treating.

Two years ago, a video of Zoey went viral when her dad made her an LED-lit skeleton suit.

This year, she picked her costume and her LED trick-or-treating mobile.

Zoey’s dad says so many people wanted to buy the LED costumes that, last year, he started ‘Glowy Zoey’ and began selling the costumes online.

Already, business has doubled.

Royce Hutain now makes suits for all ages.

When Halloween is over, “I’m gonna take a two-week nap and then I’ll start thinking about what’s going on for next time,” he said.

The suits aren’t just for kids.

Hutain says in the last week alone, he’s received 300 orders for adults.

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