LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Former NBA player Lamar Odom reportedly remained in a medically induced coma Thursday days after being found unconscious at a brothel in Nevada.

According to hospital officials, the 35-year-old Odom remains in critical condition and is on life support at the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas.

A source inside the hospital has told Entertainment Tonight Anchor Kevin Frazier that Odom has shown small signs of improvement, although the hospital has not offered confirmation.

“There was a moment where there was some hope for friends and family,” Frazier said. “He squeezed someone’s hand, his eyes fluttered. But we also understand that that could be involuntary, just brain activity. We saw the same things with Bobbi Kristina Brown.”

“Today it was Lamar’s children that were here. They arrived late last night. They came this morning with their mother and one of Lamar’s aunts and they went in to see their father. Everyone cleared out so they could have some private time,” Frazier said.

Khloe Kardashian was keeping a close watch over Odom and by Thursday night Caitlyn Jenner had arrived at the hospital, according to reports.

Odom has been hospitalized since Tuesday afternoon after being found unconscious at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch.

Authorities have taken a blood sample to find out if Odom overdosed on drugs or alcohol, but the results could take several weeks, according to the Associated Press.

“Our hearts are heavy. We’re disgusted we’re associated with drugs,” said “Carissa Kisses,” a brothel employee, via Skype. “This is heart-breaking and our hearts go out to Lamar. We want to know what happened ourselves.”

The Love Ranch was also responding with force against accusations that they allowed Odom to have a drug bender, which ended with him being found unconscious and bleeding.

Odom spent $75,000 during his stay at the brothel, Hof said.

Hof says Odom took multiple herbal sexual enhancement drugs during the stay. The only illegal drug use Hof alleges he knows of happened before Odom arrived on Saturday.

“He admitted that to the girls. He was doing it before he left,” Hof said.

Meanwhile, tensions were apparently rising between Hof and the Kardashians.

“Khloe Kardashian’s publicist called me and asked me if I was gonna do any media. I told her some of the outlets that were interested and she says, ‘Well, just send them to me. I’ll have Khloe do it. And I said, ‘Tell Khloe to go to hell,’ ” he said.

The Kardashian family has released a joint statement that said:

“As a family, we’ve decided to hold off on publishing content across our apps while we continue to support and pray for Lamar. Thank you for your kindness and understanding during this difficult time.”

Since his hospitalization, several family members, friends and NBA stars have expressed their support for Odom on social media.

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