CORONA DEL MAR ( — A Corona del Mar woman has come up with an inexpensive, makeshift way to save rainwater.

Using three rocks and a reinforced plastic bag, Cheryl Livingston managed to redirect 100 gallons into a plastic trash can on wheels and into other containers.

To do so, Livingston explains that she used the rocks from her garden and placed them at the bottom of a reinforced plastic bag that she then put into the gutter and wedged between tiles.

“Make sure it’s flat, direct the straps down, and the water runs down onto the roof and into the container,” she said.

Livingston says she’s captured 100 gallons of water that she plans to use in her garden as a result of her conservation efforts.

She’s also replaced turf with drought-resistant gardening, efforts that captured the attention of Newport Beach water officials.

In fact, the city’s television station was out Wednesday to share her story.

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