IRVINE ( Police on Saturday were searching for a man suspected of attacking two women in Irvine on Friday night.

One woman reported being attacked at 7:35 p.m. at a park near Chateau Circle, where the man allegedly showed the woman a gun and ordered her to the ground. He demanded the victim’s cell phone and money and then groped the woman over her clothing. When the victim screamed, the suspect fled.

Three hours later — and about 1 mile away — another woman reported an assault at the Culver Plaza Shopping Center. She said she was approached by a man who tried to steal her purse. She struggled with the suspect and was knocked to the ground. The suspect fled the scene.

The suspect did not leave with items from either victim.

The Irvine Police Department said it believes the same person was involved in both crimes based on the physical description provided by the victims and similarities between the crimes.

Officers and a police bloodhound investigated the scene on Saturday but were not able to identify the suspect.

Irvine police suggested pedestrians take particular caution until the suspect is found.

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