SAN CLEMENTE ( — City officials in San Clemente are bitterly divided over a newly-redesigned beach bathroom that critics say is a bit too revealing.

Members of the City Council voted down a request this week to add screening walls to a newly renovated bathroom that opened this summer on San Clemente State Beach just south of the pier, according to the Orange County Register.

Staffers reportedly made the request in response to beach-goers who complained that any potential gawkers can see right into the dressing rooms while they’re changing clothes.

Some City Council members said spending an estimated $20,000 on each screening wall was unnecessary since people often change clothes on the beach using nothing but a towel to provide a little privacy.

But others such as Councilman Tim Brown argued the openings in the bathroom walls “renders the entire room useless.”

“Why would you go in there when you could just do it on the beach with the same methodology?” Brown told The Register. “I want the screening walls.”

Supporters of the bathroom’s design say anyone who needs extra privacy can always use one of the bathroom stalls.


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