LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A midnight fireworks show like the one Khloe Kardashian hosted last week for her boyfriend’s birthday party will never happen again, if a Los Angeles County supervisor has anything to say about it.

A fireworks show for NBA star James Harden’s birthday party last Wednesday night displayed off Marina del Rey had phones at the sheriff’s and fire departments ringing off the hook by rattled residents.

“Most people thought gunfire or bombs or terrorist attack,” Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe said of residents’ reactions to the fireworks show.

Knabe says he has asked the county’s fire chief to investigate how it all happened.

“Were there any permit requests, do they know who it was or what it was? And then to report back in 30 days, one, on that situation, but more importantly, how to avoid something like that into the future,” Knabe said.

Since the explosive birthday bash was held in federal waters, Knabe says they need to work with the Coast Guard to figure out a permitting process to limit future events to reasonable, more considerate hours.

“If the protocols that we have in place for any other kind of exhibition of fireworks, whether it be the Fourth of July or anything else, were followed, you wouldn’t allow that kind of activity,” he said.

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