WESTCHESTER (KNX1070) — Chris Tsichlis turned into an “accidental tour guide” a few weeks ago when a pair of “accidental tourists” wandered into Westchester Secondary Charter School where he teaches history.

It’s a crazy story.

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The two “tourists” were in fact lost sailors from Kiribati, a tiny island in the Pacific, located 5,000 miles away from Los Angeles.

The men had been stuck at LAX for two days with no money, no food, no cell phones and no way to get back home.

Their employer didn’t even know where they were.

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Tsichlis was finally able to figure out that the two sailors worked for a German shipping company with headquarters in Hamburg, so he started making calls.

After many, many phone calls, Tsichlis was able to piece together what happened.

The company emailed plane tickets to Tsichlis and he made sure the two sailors got on their flight.

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It’s this act of kindness that makes Chris Tsichlis the KNX Hero of the Week.