ANAHEIM ( — Authorities have revealed the arrest of a man from July 9, after he arrived at Disneyland with a loaded firearm and two magazines of ammunition.

San Mateo County resident Percival Agoncillo, 44, was spotted by a plain-clothed security officer, holding the loaded firearm in the entry plaza shortly before the park’s nightly parade and fireworks show was set to begin.

Police quickly arrived and took Agoncillo into custody, preventing him from ever entering the park. No one was hurt.

Investigators say the incident was not Agoncillo’s first arrest related to a firearm.

“Yeah, he can carry it at home, but not out in public where he can hurt other people,” visitor Daisy Fatani said. “We see what happened all over with school. People just come and shoot kids.”

While police are not yet aware of Agoncillo’s motive, there are reports that he may have told detectives that he was seeing ghosts, and that he’d heard voices, telling him to shoot people.

The matter is pending prosecution.

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