By Lisa Sigell

LOS ANGELES ( — Sleep: It’s the fuel for our bodies.

Yet nearly half of Americans say they don’t get enough of it.

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It’s a problem so serious, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has declared “insufficient sleep” a public health epidemic.

So, maybe it’s no surprise that a nondrug sleep aid is starting to trend.

Bedgear Performance Bedding is outfitting sleepers similar to the way Nike or Adidas outfits players.

“If you’re an athlete and you want maximum performance, you’re gonna be fit with the fabrics and gear that’s gonna allow you to do that,” L.A.-based Bedgear trainer Angela Castro said.

The technology is aimed at helping individuals like Joe and Denise Zapata of Burbank, who say they often have trouble falling into a restful night’s sleep.

“It’s a constant ‘it’s too hot, it’s too cold,’ ” said Denise. “I need the blanket; I don’t.”

One issue: temperature. Getting it right for both of them is a constant struggle; Denise says she can run hot, while Joe likes to bundle up under a heavy layer of covers.

Castro says the entire line of pillows and mattress toppers is made with high-tech and high-performance fabrics and stuffings just for couples like the Zapatas.

“That material is wicking away heat and moisture while you sleep,” said Castro.

The Zapatas agreed to give the Bedgear line a test run, trading out their old bedding for Bedgear’s mattress protector, pillows and lightweight, stretchy Dri-Tek sheets.

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The results?

“I must say, they’re very easy to make the bed with; they’re very slippery, so that makes the job much easier,” Denise said. “I actually got a little bit cold in the middle of the night, but it felt good.”

Joe, on the other hand, said he “didn’t sleep so great.” “I tossed a lot,” and he said the slippery sheets were a problem for his calloused feet.

“I had to wear socks when I went to bed because my heels would catch on the sheet,” he said. “And that really turned me off.”

The Zapatas had better luck with other products in the Bedgear line, like the pillows: because of her small frame, Denise chose the most squish, while Joe, a side sleeper, chose the one with the most lift to fill the gap between his shoulder and head.

“It took a few minutes to adjust, but once I got used to it, it felt pretty good,” Joe said.

While the Zapatas didn’t love every product in the Bedgear line, they’re glad industry is investing in sleep technology.

“I think they’re on to something, for sure,” said Joe. “I would definitely entertain the idea of buying one of those pillows.”

“The mattress cover, I’m totally in love with that one,” Denise added.

As for that sheet set, neither Denise or Joe said they would buy it. But one member of the family was totally smitten.

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“Our cat likes it,” Joe said.