LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — After DeAndre Jordan spurned the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night and signed with the Los Angeles Clippers, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and ESPN reporter Chris Broussard had a very heated exchange on Twitter.

Jordan had told the Mavericks last week that he would sign a deal with them, but he would later change his mind and sign a four-year deal with the Clippers on Wednesday. Since Jordan agreed during the NBA’s moratorium period when no contract was allowed to be signed, Jordan’s agreement was strictly verbal.

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After Chandler Parsons, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, JJ Redick, Paul Pierce and Mark Cuban all flew to Houston to try to sway Jordan one way or another, things got interesting.

Broussard tweeted this out to start the Twitter battle.

Broussard included “CORRECTION” because his first tweet claimed Cuban was driving around Dallas, when DeAndre Jordan’s home is in Houston.

Cuban was not happy with this claim however, as he tweeted out the first angry reply to Broussard.

The battle was just getting started, as both Cuban and Broussard would not back down from their own claims. Broussard insisted that Cuban did not have Jordan’s address, and was harassing people close to Jordan to obtain it.

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Broussard would ignore Cubans’ request to post what information he had obtained, and instead continued to jab at Cuban and make the billionaire more angry.

Mark Cuban had simply had enough of Broussard’s claims at this point, as the Mavericks owner took the Twitter battle to a whole new level. Cuban proudly challenged Broussard to present any proof that he had in fact called or texted Jordan’s friends, and if Broussard could produce anything legitimate, Cuban promised to donate $100,000 to a charity of Broussard’s choice.

Broussard has yet to reply, although he has tweeted since then. However in his tweets coming after Cuban’s challenge, Broussard discussed Lebron James, Monta Ellis, and an appearance he was making on a sports talk show called “His and Hers”.

It’s safe to say Cuban is winning the battle right now, as Broussard has not commented further on the issue.

Cuban’s last tweet challenging Broussard to show proof of his claims received nearly 15,000 re tweets and favorites on Twitter.

Brian Cuban, Mark’s brother, responded to Broussard’s claim on Twitter as well. He too, was not very pleased with Broussard’s claims of Cuban roaming around Houston in search for DeAndre Jordan’s house. In a later tweet, Brian Cuban would go on to call Broussard a “knucklehead”.

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It’s safe to say that Chris Broussard won’t be getting any exclusive interviews with the Mavericks owner or his family any time soon.