BEVERLY HILLS ( — Say goodbye to that double-chin.

Doctors say a new treatment will make it easier than ever to get the profile you want by using an injectable drug – the first FDA-approved non-surgical treatment to remove unwanted fat.

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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon David Hopp will be among the first doctors to use Kybella and says patients started calling him when the FDA approved the drug back in April.

“Kybella will be a big a household name as Botox,” said Hopp. “Between 50 and 100 patients already and other doctors are calling me to ask how they can be part of that early user list too.”

The drug, when injected into tissue, destroys fat cells using a 15-to-20-minute procedure performed once a month for up to six treatments.

“They’ll have a grid marked on their chin and small injections, much like Botox injections will be done,” Hopp explained.

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The treatment should only be given by a licensed health care professional and it does have side effects, the most serious of which include nerve injury and trouble swallowing.

More common side effects include bruising and swelling, Hopp said.

“We have patients that have always wanted to have liposuction but either didn’t have the time, the money or didn’t want to have to undergo anesthesia, and now all of those patients are saying this seems very simple,” he said.

A simple procedure, Hopp says, but one he expects will bring him a lot of new patients in the future.

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“Anything that saves surgery is okay with me, because there’s no way I would do surgery for anything like that,” said one woman.