LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  —  O.J. Simpson’s famous house guest, Kato Kaelin, has launched a new line of clothing for men – appropriately enough, for the slackers among us.

Kaelin has teamed up with Rhonda Shear – creator of the Ahh Bra and a Home Shopping staple — to create Kato Potato, as in Couch Potato.

The line includes hoodies, sweatpants, robes, socks and boxers. Some of the apparel comes complete with pockets perfect for the TV remote.

There are even pockets for snacks. And Kaelin knows from snacks. “Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos – if it ends in O, you should be wearing Slacker by Kat-o,” his website implores.

He recently told CBSLA that the line will appeal to all people especially on the days you want to do nothing but veg out. The line’s tag – “Embrace your inner slacker.”

Kaelin, 56, says the idea for the slacker wear was 20 years in the making, in fact it first came from the famous trial where the tabloids – and a lot of America – were fixated on his house guest status.

The clothes are designed to be “practical, affordable, stylish, comfortable and attractive.”

He recently spoke to “Entertainment Tonight” about the clothing line and the upcoming TV anthology series “American Crime Story,” about the trial. (For the record, Kaelin has always said that he thought Simpson was guilty of the double homicide.)

Prosecutor Marcia Clark questions Brian "Kato" Kaelin on the witness stand during O.J. Simpson's trial for double homicide. (credit: POOL/AFP/Getty Images)

Prosecutor Marcia Clark questions Brian “Kato” Kaelin on the witness stand during O.J. Simpson’s trial for double homicide. (credit: POOL/AFP/Getty Images)

He told Kevin Frazier the overnight notoriety and attention he received in 1995 “and that was before social media” was so overwhelming, he almost “never wanted to go out. I became so introverted. It completely changed my life.”

Kaelin, a one-time Simpson friend, told “ET” he was struck by the reaction to the verdict by Simpson friend and lawyer, the late Robert Kardashian, father of course, to the famous sisters.

“The look … that maybe he knew something,” said Kaelin, “I don’t know. But it’s so iconic, that when the verdict is read, Robert Kardashian has that look on him. Almost that he can’t believe it – what just happened?”

“ET” wanted to know what Kaelin thought about the all-star casting of “American Crime Story,” including Cuba Gooding as Simpson, John Travolta as lawyer as Robert Shapiro, Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark and David Schwimmer as Kardashian.

“When they first said David Schwimmer,” Kaelin said, “I thought, are you kidding me? But then I saw the picture and they gave him the Pepe LePew (white line of hair), and I said ‘wow,’”

Finally, Frazier asked him about long-haired actor — Billy Magnussen — hired to play him.

He quipped, “First of all, my hair was never that long, and otherwise, great looking girl.”

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