Since the 2007 to 2009 recession, economic reconstruction has taken place at a rapid gait within the unfurling technology industry. Job opportunities for computer information research scientists, network architects, programmers, support specialists, systems analysts, database administrators and developers are projected to expand in the coming years.

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Jiang Guo)

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Jiang Guo)

Notable growth rates signify the positive impact technology sectors are having on employment recovery in many areas of interest throughout greater Los Angeles, while the field continues to ripen for tech-wise job seekers.

“As new IT technologies, such as cloud computing, are deployed in industries such as aerospace, defense and entertainment, there will also be an increased demand for more well-trained and skilled software engineers in the L.A. area,” said Dr. Jiang Guo, a professor of computer science at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA).

Which job categories in L.A. are now leading the pack?

“IT services for financial, biotech, technical and scientific services and enterprise management are experiencing rapid job growth. Also, the job market for 3-D animation, video game development, big data analysis and cloud computing is growing quickly.”

How is CSULA preparing future innovators?

“With small classes and a knowledgeable faculty, CSULA offers students a solid foundation and hands-on technical training. Our school has recently received a $5 million grant from NASA to train the next generation of scientists and engineers.”

What is in store for computer scientists?

“Computer scientists will not only solve problems in high-end research projects, but will also have to be creative in the leisure, vacation, entertainment, health care, social media and e-commerce industries. As computers penetrate into more aspects of our lives, they will be involved in more areas that touch everyone.”

How do striving computer scientists maintain a competitive edge?

“To be competitive in the field of computer science, students need to have strong critical-thinking skills, wide background knowledge, real-world research and project experience, internship experience and good communication skills.”

What is your message to tech-minded job seekers?

“I advise them to be ready for the challenge of learning the latest cutting-edge technologies. They must keep pace with new technological advancements. In short, become a lifelong learner.”

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