WESTWOOD (CBSLA.com) — UCLA police say a 28-year-old man has been arrested after a female student reported being groped at Bruin Plaza, which is an on-campus hub for students.

Rafael Morales Salgado of Los Angeles was arrested about 8 a.m. Friday on suspicion of sexual battery, authorities said.

“I’m pretty surprised it happened in the middle of Bruin Plaza just ‘cause, if you look around, it’s always, there’s always people.

“I guess knowing that that’s on campus, that would want to make me just wanna walk with friends,” Marisa Statton, a UCLA student, said.

Campus police have since released a flyer warning students of the incident and urging them to be aware of their surroundings and dial 911 for assistance.

“It really hurts and scares me honestly to see that, but sadly I’m not that surprised that sexual harassment is happening at that level,” Marnina Wirtschafter, another student, said.

Police said Salgado is not affiliated with UCLA and it’s unclear why he was pictured wearing scrubs at the time of his arrest.

“It’s a reminder that it can feel so safe on this campus and in Westwood and it’s a reminder that sadly, that’s not always the case,” Wirtschafter said.

CBS2 reached out to Salgado for comment via Facebook but haven’t heard back from him.

Police say Salgado was released on a misdemeanor citation and is awaiting a court appearance.


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