GLENDALE ( — A regional crime lab has helped officials fight crime faster, however, there has also been a battle to keep the lab running.

Inside the Glendale Police Department lies crime fighting tools that are critical in solving crimes ranging from sexual assaults to burglary, robbery and attempted murder.

The Verdugo Regional Crime Lab opened in 2012 through the help of federal funding, and has analyzed more than 1,800 DNA samples just this year alone.

Overall, the current capacity for the lab is 2,000 samples per year. Turn around time is about 30 day, which authorities expect to only improve.

As federal funds began to run out, however, the community foundation of the Verdugo’s launched a fundraising campaign that raised $250,000 in order to keep the lab running.

Authorities hope that one day the lab will be self-sustaining by charging more agency fees.

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