FOUNTAIN VALLEY ( — An award-winning bloodhound and other dogs have joined in the search for a missing dog named Albert from Fountain Valley.

Albert was last seen on Warner Avenue near Euclid and New Hope streets nine weeks ago.

“Hard. It hit me. Hit me hard. I never experienced this before and after two months already and day by day, it’s not going to get any better,” Michelle Nguyen, the owner of the missing pug-mix, said.

Nguyen, who is exhausted from the search, is spending $2,000 on a team of lost-pet detectives consisting of a champion bloodhound named Glory, her partner Diana, a Jack Russell Terrier, as well as an animal behaviorist and a private investigator.

“Well I think that Michelle has a great chance of getting Albert back but she has to be aggressive in her actions and that’s what we can help with with the search dogs and with the witness development.

“Albert didn’t disappear into thin air. He’s out there and we just need community support to get him back,” Annalisa Berns, a pet detective, said.

Someone let Albert out from the side gate and he hasn’t been seen since.

Friday marked the first day the bloodhound named Glory followed Albert’s scent through the neighborhood. The pet detectives have also put up bright banners and a $1,000 reward.