PASADENA ( — Authorities say a security guard was stabbed at a Sears department store in Pasadena on Monday night.

The stabbing was reported at 8:23 p.m. and occurred in the 3800 block of E. Foothill Boulevard.

The 26-year-old suspect, who police identified as a San Fernando male, was considered a potential theft suspect by police, and was taken into custody shortly after the incident.

The security guard was taken to a local hospital, was said to be in stable condition and was expecting to go into surgery on Monday night.

The guard was reportedly attempting to detain the suspect at the time of the stabbing, which occurred in the parking lot just outside the door to the Sears. The suspect weapon was said to be a bowie knife.

Pasadena Police and Pasadena Fire both responded to the incident. The suspect faces charges of commercial burglary and attempted murder.


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