SAN DIMAS ( — Students in San Dimas wore blue Friday in support of a victim of cyber-bullying.

Security was increased at Lone Hill Middle School after a student received a second series of death threats Thursday.

The threats started Monday after an Instagram account posted several photos of the intended victim, stating her name and claiming seven people wanted her dead. The posts were accompanied by captions such as, “we plan to kill her”, “This week we plan on fighting” and “This week we will kill.”

The account was removed from the system but resurfaced Thursday night with a new post that read, “Enjoy your fame on the news…Your life is short sweetheart, this is your last week! Times up!!”

A photo of a large knife was also uploaded with the caption, “Here is your new friend.”

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were searching those responsible for the posts.

CBS2’s Tom Wait spoke to students who took part in the campaign to support the bullied student.

“We all wrote on our arms, #SupportHer,” said Lone Hill student Dominic Vecino. “To make sure she is okay, to protect her.”

One parent said, “I feel really bad for the little girl and I feel bad for her parents. They shouldn’t have to be going through this.”

She added, “I’m just shocked that kids this age are having these thoughts.”

The victim will not attend school until the threats have stopped.

A friend of the victim’s told Wait, “She’s pretty shaken up about it, but I think she is strong to do through it.”

No suspects have been identified. The investigation is on-going.

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