CORONA ( — Firefighters from all over the nation gathered in Corona on Saturday to take part in a seminar for automobile extrication.

100 vehicles were set up in a number of road-accident disaster scenarios, including being wrapped around poles, turned upside down, and in ditches.

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The goal was to let firefighters get hands-on training on manipulating the vehicles’ metal in ways may save lives.

“It’s very important for me, in case we do have something there, so we have at least some idea of how to get a person out of a car,” Hawaii firefighter Jason Peralta said.

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In all, seven scenarios were set up, including getting access to drivers in wrecks where the firefighter will not be able to use the doors.

The cars were purchased or donated. Cars were both older and newer models, to give firefighters a taste of different technologies to deal with in the car.

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“Firefighters are being faced with new challenges with the new technology,” Capt. Ryan Rolston said. “They need to be aware of all the hazards associated with that, where to cut properly, and to avoid injuring ourselves and the person.”