When Victor Santos studied fine art in college, his interests were drawing the imagery of the physical form. In acquiring an understanding of the musculature of the human body, his fascination with physical therapy was ignited. Realizing that medical expertise was required to provide the healing services that inspire his work, he attained a master’s degree in health administration as well as becoming a registered physical therapist. We sat down to discuss his career path and what inspires him to help our community with affordable services for the entire family.

(Photo Courtesy of Victor Santos)

(Photo Courtesy of Victor Santos)

What did you study in school? Was this occupation your dream?

“My work in fine art acted as my introduction to anatomy. The same is true in my work now. The understanding of the human form has been my inspiration from the start.”

Do you work with other providers of medical services?

“In fact, getting my masters degree in health administration was a key factor in obtaining the business skills that help me today. I’m able to operate my business successfully because of the many different areas of knowledge I received from my education. Independent Practice Association groups and networks refer me to the patients who need physical therapy services in my area.”

What inspired you to start your own business?

“Performing many medical services over time, I’ve grown in my training from many different influences. An early mentor named Dr. Meeks was a source of inspiration to me. Although I had many teachers who influenced my training, he showed me how important physical therapy is to the patient’s successful rehabilitation. After so many years working alongside great teachers and healers, it was a natural progression to open my own place. ”

What is your favorite part of the job?

“I think that alleviating pain and providing relief from symptoms is what I get the most satisfaction from. Also, knowing my assistance has helped patients regain their abilities means they have accomplished an important milestone in their recovery.”

Have you done any outreach to the community?

“I am planning activities in the coming months to help promote my center. I currently participate in local school events and help to sponsor athletic teams.”

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