There is a huge building at 333 S. Beaudry Avenue that is the heart of the educational system for the LAUSD. This impressive tower is packed with administrators who form committees to create the vast, common core based curriculum provided to the second largest school district in the country. With a staggering total enrollment of over 900,000 students, LAUSD is providing a massive amount of educational content to the residents, their children, and hundreds of educational campuses. Gizella Czene, a long-time employee recently named Administrator of the Year at LAUSD, she discussed the many different aspects of working for LA Unified.

(Photo Courtesy of Gizella Czene)

(Photo Courtesy of Gizella Czene)

When you studied political science, did you know you wanted to work in school administration?

“Not really. I imagined my path would include a pursuit of social justice. I achieved my Bachelor of Arts degree from Berkeley a decade ago, but now I’m working on my masters in public administration, taking classes at night. ”

How did your degree help you in your work?

“Having the degree was KEY to getting hired but, moreover, the knowledge from my educational path also included essential information that I use everyday.”

What are you working on currently?

“Mostly I’m involved with facilities contracts, I also write a lot of reports. Working a day job, going to school at night, and volunteering keeps me pretty busy.”

How has your position changed over time?

“Outreach has expanded. We work with parents more and engage them in the educational process. Parents are a vital part of the community, and we need their help and cooperation for programs to really succeed.”

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

“Working with the amazing people who really care about the kids is my favorite part of the job. We are supporting outdoor classrooms, living schoolyard projects, sustainable gardens and wellness centers. It’s a great time to be at the LAUSD. ”

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