CHAVEZ RAVINE ( — Monday was as rewarding as it was anticipated for fans who attended the 2015 season opener at Dodger Stadium.

With a new lineup, the team looked different, as they defeated the division-rival San Diego Padres 6-3 in front of a full house.

The roster, however, was not the only unfamiliar element in the area of Chavez Ravine on Monday.

Fans have long enjoyed going to neighboring Elysian Park before Dodger games to tailgate, including grilling, playing catch, and for some, the consumption of alcohol.

New changes to come along with the 2015 season mean stricter rules, including no parking apart from in designated stadium lots, and no drinking.

Citations were issued to fans found to have been consuming alcohol in Elysian Park on Monday.

“We’re trying to set the tone that there’s no drinking in the park,” one security guard said.

While the grillling and music continued, fans noted that the feeling was different with this new zero-tolerance policy.

Some fans managed to find a way around the policy by drinking on private property.

Once the gates open to the Dodger Stadium parking lots, parking costs $20 this season, and $10 if paid in advance. Gate B, off Scott Avenue, can be used if paid in advance as well.

In all, 60 people were given citations for illegal drinking, while two vehicles were towed for illegal parking.

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