GARDEN GROVE ( — Robert Schuller’s daughters are remembering their final moments with their father who was known for broadcasting his messages through the television ministry “Hour of Power.”

His daughters said when they heard the news that Schuller was slipping away, they rushed to his hospital bedside in Artesia.

“His last breathes were precious,” said Carol Milner, who sat with Schuller and talked as if he could hear her.

She told him: “I just gotta thank you for making me believe in a big God and getting me to believe in a good God.”

Sheila Coleman, his other daughter, also recalled spending time with Schuller recently.

“The last words he said to me were a real struggle for him. They were a week ago Friday. Last Friday,” she said “And he said, he kept trying to say, ‘I’m … I’m.’ And my son who was with me finally said,
‘I’m blessed?’ and my dad nodded.”

As a little girl, Coleman remembers Schuller’s start including the drive-up ministry he started that years later would become the iconic megachurch the Crystal Cathedral, which housed almost 3,000 worshipers.

She recounted how Billy Graham loaned Schuller the production equipment to become a televangelist.

“Billy said ‘I call my evangelistic crusades The Hour of Decision and will call your program The Hour of Power,’ ” she said.

But a bitter family feud fueled by court battles and bankruptcy led to the sale of the Crystal Cathedral to the Roman Catholic church four years ago.

Thursday night, his daughters hope that by sharing his story, their father’s message will live on.

“This is an opportunity to tell the world what dad gave to us and so that other people can also share in that and keep his legacy alive,” Coleman said.

Schuller passed away with his family by his side and will be laid to rest just feet from the former Crystal Cathedral in a private garden next to his wife. He was 88.

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