CALABASAS ( — A piano abandoned atop the Santa Monica Mountains was a musical mystery – until now.

Melvin Faner, 23, tells CBS2/KCAL9 he and his friends hiked the 300-to-400-pound piano two miles up for a music video with Seattle-based musician Rachel Wong at the keys.

“First, we had it on a dolly and then the wheels broke. So we carried it the rest of the way,” Faner said of the piano his bought for $50 on Craigslist.

One piano, so many questions. (CBS)

One piano, so many questions. (CBS)

CBS2/KCAL9’s helicopter Thursday flew over the piano resting on Topanga Lookout, a graffiti-covered concrete slab off of Stunt Road.

It’s perched on an old fire tower and features a picturesque view of Calabasas Peak – definitely a stunning backdrop for a music video.

Wong says the sound may not be as perfect as the view: “That piano has not been tuned for many years: the right hand, the keys didn’t work, the left hand was all sorts of crazies.”

Faner says the group didn’t get a permit to shoot the video and they’re not sure if they’ll need to bring the piano back down.

If you want to check out the sight for yourself, it won’t cost you much: no fee or permit is required to make the hike, according to Hikespeak.

“The more we look at it, the more people enjoy it, I feel like it’s kind of a gift. You do the hike, you see that. I think it’s making people happy,” Faner said.

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