STUDIO CITY ( — A local improv comedy class for kids is doing much more than simply teaching them how to be funny.

Studio LOL, located in Studio City, uses the lessons of improvised comedy to teach children to trust their instincts.

Katy and Ryan Chase worked as a nanny and a kids tennis coach respectively, and saw the potential impact improvised comedy can have on youngsters.

“Improv is about putting words to feelings and being up in front of your peers,” Katy said.

“All of the energy they have sitting around, thinking they just want to say something, and then they get here and they see oh here’s a way to channel that and be rewarded for it,” Ryan said.

Success at Studio LOL is measured by the students’ confidence, and their ability to tap into their creativity.

“I think for our son it has been a confidence builder and it’s really helped with his creativity and storytelling,” one parent said.

More than anything, the class shows the kids the power of a good laugh.

For more information on the improv classes, visit Studio LOL’s website here.