SHERMAN OAKS ( — Childhood keepsakes may be worth more than pure sentimental value as some are cashing in on their classic toys.

Along with offering visitors a trip down memory lane, at Big Kid Collectable Toy Mall & Retro Store in Sherman Oaks, many classic toys are bought and sold.

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“Star Wars is one of the biggest ones for longevity and value,” said store manager Jill Jones, who buys most of the store’s inventory.

As CBS2’s Sandra Mitchell reports, a majority of the items are collections people have taken into the store to sell.

“We have, you know, 30- [or] 40-year-old men selling us their Star Wars collections, and then we have 6- and 7-year-old boys coming in to buy it again,” Jones said.

For example, a Star Wars collection including a blue, 3-inch tall, plastic snaggletooth figure with white gloves and silver boots sold for $215 within days.

A Batman figurine sold by the store for $40, while his crime-fighting sidekick sold for $15 because the Robin figurine was missing his cape.

“What makes something expensive would probably be how rare it is or the condition that it’s in,” Jones explained.

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An unopened, boxed 1979 large Captain Kirk Star Trek Mego figure is priced at $150.

“It’s about the memory more than the actual product,” she said.

Lunchboxes are big, too, as an early 1970s Sigmund and the Sea Monsters pail is priced at $375.

Jones says Lite-Brite patterns can probably be sold for $20 to $30.

A 3D photo Viewmaster can probably be sold for $15 to $20, and the slides range from $10 to $50.

“Mystery Date is one of the most popular board games for us. A vintage Mystery Date could run you close to $200 in good condition,” she said.

For those considering selling their toys, Jones recommends the following:

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• Do your research.
• Google your items.
• Visit eBay.
• Keep items in a smoke-free environment.
• Keep items in a safe place.
• And keep boxes to the toys because they oftentimes may sell on their own without the product inside.