By 2022, more than 3,000 new training and development managers nationwide are projected to have already landed high-income vocations, marking an 11 percent growth spurt in the number of specialists that were employed in 2012. Those holding a master’s degree or certification should maintain the best competitive edge. In Los Angeles, top professionals earn more than $162,000 annually, according to current data. This is one career path, like many, that requires employees to pursue continuing education programs.

(Photo Courtesy of Van Anderson)

(Photo Courtesy of Van Anderson)

“Workers increase their earning potential by developing and refining their capabilities,” said Van Anderson, director of Custom Programs and Corporate Education at UCLA Extension. “Employees need to learn advanced techniques and new skills in order to make themselves qualified for a higher wage or position.”

How is your school promoting continuing education?

“We are reaching out to companies in L.A. County to understand their needs and offer on-site or group discounts. We allow visitors on the first day of most of our classes to be able to preview a class, course outline, and have dialogue with the instructor about learning objectives and teaching methods.”

How has the need for continuing education grown since 2012?

“Several factors have come into play, including increasing learner demands for affordability and employability, and a growing need for constant learning to meet the escalating requirements of the global economy. The use of technology has also changed all industries, forcing rapid change at a pace never seen before.”

In what way will continuing education change by 2022?

“Continuing education programs must evolve and develop education in collaboration with local businesses. Speed, flexibility and innovation must be the driving forces to create high potential, market-driven programs that are both affordable and recognized by employers.”

How does continuing education help secure sustainable employment?

“Industries in constant change require workers to stay current with the latest developments, skills and new technologies required for their field. Staying current and sacrificing time for education only makes you an asset to any organization.”

What is your message to job holders?

“Employees must be proactive in their own development and future, or they will be left behind.”

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