LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — As women who were on the go and loved to eat healthy, Angela Blatteis and Vivienne Vella co-founded a company that delivers soup and soup cleanses to Los Angeles-area residents.

The local moms and best friends came up with the idea for Soupure while dishing about their favorite soup and talking about how many people, including themselves, were on juice cleanses.

As former juice cleansers who never felt satisfied, they thought, “We can do this better,” Blatteis said.

Their solution was Soupure, which offers one-, three- or five-day cleanses consuming eight products a day for a caloric intake of 1,200. Orders with less than eight products are also available, as well as individual soups.

“We want to nourish our bodies, and what better way than through soup?” Blatteis asked.

The soups are made fresh and are low in sugar and high in fiber. They have protein but no dairy and are low in sodium.

“Non-GMO. All organic. No preservatives. No fillers,” Blatteis said.

The program offers both hot soups like zucchini basil, asparagus leek and lentil chickpea, and chilled options like cucumber grape and strawberry cashew, plus broths and tonics.

“Our goal was to give you the healthiest, cleanest product that you can get in a bottle, but the reality is, everybody loses weight on this cleanse,” Vella said.

And Brentwood mom Abby Kohl spoons it up. For three to five days a month, Kohl eats or drinks soups from Soupure to lose weight and feel healthy.

“My energy is really even throughout the whole day, and at the same time, I get to lose a couple pounds here and there,” Kohl said.

And others, who love the idea of being able to sit down for a meal or take it on the go, are catching on.

Soupure is not the only company offering soup and soup cleanses. The Splendid Spoon in New York and Soupelina in Los Angeles do as well.

Soupelina, founded by Elina Fuhrman, offers soups like “Lentil Me Entertain You!” “Sweet Coconut Thai Oh My!” and “Kale-ifornia Dreamin’.”

Nutritionist Lauren Schmitt likes the idea of souping.

“I do! I actually like this trend for people that are trying to lose weight. I do think this would be a jump start,” she said.

Schmitt even likes to make her own.

“When you soup, you get to keep the entire vegetable and potentially fruit as well, instead of juicing where you do lose a lot of the nutrients, a lot of the fiber,” Schmitt said.

And for Kohl, she says it’s an addiction.

“It’s so filling that it’s hard to finish a bowl of soup,” Kohl added.

Prior to starting her cleanse, Kohl checked with her doctor, which Soupure recommends. For more information about Soupure, click here.

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