LAWNDALE ( — A Lawndale woman was heartbroken when she realized her engagement ring had slipped off her finger.

Miriam Castellanos said it wasn’t until a day later when she noticed she’d lost the ring, which had somehow fallen off her finger Saturday at a Costco gas station in Hawthorne.

Luckily, an El Segundo woman was pumping fuel when she looked down and noticed something sparkling.

(credit: Jasmine Viel/CBS2)

(credit: El Segundo Police Department)

The good Samaritan took the ring home for safekeeping and immediately called police.

El Segundo police officer Ken Cheng was on patrol when he got the call about the lost jewelry.

“On the way back to the station, I was like, ‘This looks like a real ring,’ ” Cheng said.

Cheng had the ring checked at a jewelry store near the police station and found out that it was valued about $15,000.

Cheng said the jeweler found a serial number etched into the diamond, which detectives then used to trace the ring back to the couple.

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