SAN DIEGO ( — A snake that surfaced from a toilet in a Southern California office building this week was seeking out a water source, according to officials.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle says the 5 1/2-foot boa belongs to a man who lives in the building.

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According to Lt. Dan DeSousa with San Diego County Animal Services, the snake escaped from its enclosure in search of water Tuesday.

“The snake sought out a water source so he could soak because he’s getting ready to shed his skin and that’s what a snake will always do,” DeSousa said. “It helps loosen their skin up.”

DeSousa explained that, while in the toilet, the snake went in the wrong direction and went down into a pipe.

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Reopelle says it surfaced in the toilet two floors below and popped up as an employee was plunging the toilet.

DeSousa says the chances of something similar happening are “very, very slim to none.”


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Woman Plunging SoCal Toilet Pulls Up 5 1/2-Foot Snake