STUDIO CITY ( — Get organized in 2015!

Creator and Founder of the OCD Experience, Justin Klosky, visited the KCAL9 studios Wednesday to show viewers how they can reclaim their space in the beginning of the year so they can be productive and powerful.

1. SNIFF OUT YOUR SPACE and go through each area in your home and look at your space for what it is. When I say sniff, I mean it. Get down and dirty and clean out every nook and cranny. Areas that you have been hiding things in and not wanting to deal with in your life, take it all out and asses. This means under your bed, behind doors, wayyyy back in your closest, in the trunk of your car. Get the idea yet. Pull it out and take it all in.

2. CLEAN MACHINE can be a mean machine! Once you have all of your hidden treasure out in the open it is time for a thorough cleaning. Spring cleaning is nice and all, but wouldn’t you rather be OUTSIDE during the spring time than inside cleaning. Use the winer time to get things clean and organized and start your year off right. Move heavy furniture and dust away, flip mattresses, dust those blinds and fans off and get those area rugs cleaned. Vacuum the trunk of your car. Begin the year fresh and clean!

3. TETRIS ISN’T JUST FOR KIDS and most of us reading this have played a game or two of Tetris! Move things around. Readjust your space to make it more functional and breathable. If this means getting rid of furniture pieces you aren’t using anymore that are just taking up space, so be it. Have you been thinking about changing the direction your bed faces for Feng Shui purposes and haven’t had the time. NOW IS THE BEST TIME! Trust me…it will make a huge difference in your life which way your head is rest while you sleep. Readjust those Tetris pieces and reclaim your space.

4. OUT WITH THE OLD and in with the new has always been a refreshing phrase to say. All of the clothing you keep saying you are going to fit into, you want to wear, you want to give away…DO IT. All of the project around the house you want to do that you don’t have the time for, start making plans to get it done. Stop making excuses this year and start living in truth. If you start your year off making false promises it will only get worse as the year goes on.

5. HIDDEN TREASURES that you pulled out to begin this process need to find a new home. Under the bed, in the attic, behind the clothes within the closet behind the other boxes ISN’T A PLACE FOR THINGS. I understand we all have different sized spaces and utilizing dead space that might not be convenient SEEMS like a good idea, BUT what if you really took the time this year to ONLY make room for the things you truly need in your life? All those things you think you need, the things you want to use, but don’t want to let go of…now is the time to say goodbye. What are the things that you TRULY used last year? You know what they are. Let’s start this year off by letting go. Letting go of past relationships, letting go of old clothes, letting go of old memories, old furniture, old books, old stained undies (you with me yet) and start the year off with room to grow and breathe. YES people, there certain items that you may not have used last year that you will never give away…I get it, move past those and deal with the other “stuff” that is just taking up space.

6. YOUR WALLET should be for carrying around the items you MUST have at all times and most things in your wallet can be digitized. The new OCD RFID Wallet not only protects your credit cards from identity theft with RFID blocking features, but enables you to digitize MEMBERSHIP CARDS, RECEIPTS, BUSINESS CARDS, to lighten your load and keep you simplified. Reconciling those receipts immediately will keep you ahead of tax season and will keep your wallet slim!