LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — If you’re trying different approaches to losing weight or getting fit, and nothing seems to be working, the answer may be in your DNA, rather than your diet.

As the new year approaches, and people look to set a new goal of getting in shape, gym memberships tend to surge, as the belief in intensive diet and exercise reaches its annual apex.

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However, countless numbers of New Year’s resolution hopefuls hit the weights, run the treadmills, and cut back on their diet, yet find that the results they crave are elusive. The result is that most of them give up, thinking these results are not worth the effort.

However, your personal DNA, even more-so than effort, may play a larger role in how you may want to approach your fitness goals.

Christina Cupp thought that getting her heart rate up, and keeping it there, would be what worked for her body — then she had a DNA test.

It turns out Christina had to slow down her workouts, increase her protein intake, and change her carbohydrates and fats. This was what worked for her, according to the results of her DNA test.

“The most interesting part of it, was that, post workout, I’m not supposed to eat carbohydrates for an hour and a half,” Cupp said.

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Dr. Michele Neil with the Functional Medical Institute in Tulsa says that, thanks to genetics, the DNA test means that fitness goal-setters will no longer need to worry about guessing at what type of workout will work for them.

“Genes don’t lie, and genes never change,” Dr. Neil said. “Those individuals, once they finally have tried (options) A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and they have failed miserably, they get that missing link, and their body starts to respond and react, based on what their genetic information tells them that they should have been doing all along.”

Cupp herself says that she has noticed a difference since she’s made changes recommended to her as a result of the DNA test.

“I can already see the definition, muscle-wise,” Cupp said.

DNA fitness tests can be found online, and range in price from $99 to a few hundred dollars.

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The good news, according to Dr. Neil, is that, since your DNA never changes, you only need to take the test once in your lifetime.