AZUSA ( — A family overwhelmed by a large mudslide received help from the community for the holidays, with a particularly helpful hand from a neighboring Buddhist temple.

Helpers labored through Christmas Eve on Wednesday, removing tons of mud and rocks that resulted from massive mudslides. These mudslides altered the landscape, and may have changed the neighborhood beneath forever.

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“Literally, for the last week, we’ve been told daily (by) fire department and engineers, ‘if it rains again, you’re going to lose your home,” resident Ed Heinlein said.

However, something of a Christmas miracle occurred, when a neighboring Buddhist temple allowed volunteers to knock down their back wall, making it possible for workers to effectively move large masses of lose dirt and mud.

“We were landlocked,” Heinlein said. “Well, knock the wall down! Thank you very much to our friends (at) the Buddhist temple.”

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The Buddhists say they were more than happy to lend a helping hand. In fact, the Buddhist monks at the temple even volunteered to labor to help Heinlein’s family.

“We have been here for a long time, so you know, we know the neighbors, and we help each other,” Buddhist Kyaw Soe said.

Despite all the help, the removal of such a large amount of earth is expected to take time. After contractors move the dirt into a pile, they will have to move that pile into the street, where it will be loaded into trucks and hauled away.

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Heinlein says that his goal is to eventually leave the residence, thus putting an end to his regular battle with mother nature.