NEWPORT BEACH  (  —  A Newport Beach woman who captured a waterspout — a tornado over the water — on film, spoke to CBS2 Friday evening.

The rare weather event for Southern California was photographed by Nina Tinney.

Take that, Kansas!

“You could see the funnel coming out of the sky and then you saw the rotation in the water and it turned into white water and it was just amazing,” Tinney told CBS2’s Stacey Butler.

Tinney was driving in Corona del Mar Friday afternoon, around 1:30 p.m., when she noticed the water spout just off the coast.

She stopped her car and started shooting video on her iPhone.

The Texas transplant told Butler she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I lived out there most of my life but I’m usually running from them,” she said.

Tinney says a crowd started to form as the waterspout moved towards Laguna Beach.

She posted photos on Facebook and sent them to her boyfriend who was at work.

Jason Coker sent the pictures to the National Weather Service. News stations from around the country tweeted him asking for permission to use the photos.

“As soon as I saw the pictures, I was like someone needs to see this,” Coker said.

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