Driven by an increasing number of corporations now providing cloud-computing technology, an estimated 123,000 new jobs for computer support specialists are projected to open within the next eight years. Employment opportunities will be most favorable in the evolving area of computer systems design, where the sum of available positions is expected to skyrocket by a whopping 49 percent.

(Photo Courtesy of Scott Spiro)

(Photo Courtesy of Scott Spiro)

“Technology is continuing to grow at an astonishing pace,” said Scott Spiro, CEO at Computer Solutions Group, Inc., a Los Angeles-based firm. “Businesses need professionals who understand the technology and can implement it.”

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In cloud computing, remote machines run everything. Experts say it is a branch of knowledge that is altering fast the architecture of the computer industry, while increasing the need for proficient computer support specialists.

“The role of an effective computer support specialist will change by 2022 because it will become more important for them to understand how to mix cloud technology with local technologies in an office,” Spiro said.

How has a computer support specialist’s role changed since 2010?

“It’s now all about how you can manage information flow to solve a problem in the quickest way possible.”

How is your company preparing these professionals?

“Our mission is to train and empower computer support specialists to deliver strategic technology and business know-how to help L.A.-based companies grow their businesses and build success.”

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What defines successful computer support specialists?

“They must possess the ability to embrace change almost on a monthly basis, and be able to communicate these changes in plain English to key decision-makers in a business.”

What is the best way to plan for a sustainable career in this field?

“I advise aspiring computer support specialists to enter an internship program with a cutting-edge technology firm, spending lots of time with its engineering team to learn about current technology and what’s coming in twelve months, as well.”

What is your message to striving computer support specialists?

“In addition to immersing themselves in technology, I advise them to develop relationships with user groups and like-minded individuals that share their enthusiasm. This will help them get to the next level.”

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