KOREATOWN (CBSLA.com) — An L.A.-based Jewish rapper who goes by the name “Kosha Dillz” says his website was hacked by supporters of the terror group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Rami said he’s been trying to make a name for himself as “the best jewish Rapper in Koreatown” with a unique style of Hebrew hip hop.

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But that attracted some unwanted attention two weeks ago when he became the victim of what he considers to be cyber-terrorism.

His website allegedly was hacked by ISIS sympathizers who posted anti-American pictures and messages that seemed to come from Islamic State militants.

He’s not sure why he was specifically targeted, but mentioned he is openly pro-Israel and, somewhat, political.

Dillz recently released a song that included music recorded by a soldier during the Israeli-Hamas conflict this summer.

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“The sample was from an Israeli soldier named Dror Gomel, and my buddy Diwon flipped the beat of the guy drumming on a tank. And flipped it into a song. And it was basically, during the Israeli war with Hamas this past summer. We made that song, put that out. It got a lot of traction, a lot of hate,” the rapper said.

The video he’s referring to features Gomel, a percussionist, drumming on a tank, the sounds ringing out to an infantry of other reservists in the south of Israel. During the video he utters the words, “No more war, no more bloodshed.”

The National Anti-Defamation League sent a security bulletin last month warning of similar online attacks on temples and Jewish radio station website in the name of ISIS.

Kosha Dillz says he’s been the target of anti-Semitism before. He used it as creative fuel then and he said he’ll use it again now.

“Basically, I rap so I have songs that are passionate about what I believe in,” he said.

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The rapper said the attack has been hurtful personally and professionally. His website, which he uses to promote his music and sell merchandise, is still down as experts work to clean it out and protect it from future attacks.