ORANGE COUNTY ( — An infected foot too gruesome to show on camera – that’s what a German Shepherd named “Rocky” suffered after getting his leg tangled in a chain or rope.

The Orange County owner likely tethered the one-year-old dog and he lost circulation to its foot.

Veterinarian Matthew Wheaton at Alicia Pet Care Center said he’ll have to amputate Rocky’s leg to save his life.

“You can see the toenails. And this is the infected foot which is missing half of the foot,” Wheaton said.

The veterinarian believes the German Shepherd was tied, “maybe to a tree with a rope or chain, and may have gotten tangled in that. A common injury we used to see back in the day, when people did this.”

The owner turned Rocky in to Orange County Animal Care Sunday night with a missing paw.

Animal control officers were unable to treat the dog. They reached out to Tiffany Norton who works with Coastal German Shepherd Rescue in Placentia.

Norton brought Rocky to see Wheaton, who said once the dog’s leg is removed, “he has a great prognosis, he’ll live a normal life.”

Rocky will need a new home. To donate to his medical costs or to ask about adopting Rocky visit Coastal German Shepherd Rescue.

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